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How to Care for your Diamonds and Jewelry

Keeping your diamonds clean will allow you to enjoy your diamonds full sparkle and brilliance. Diamonds have an odd trait; they repel water and attract oils like baking goods or makeup. Everyday wear can cause your diamond to look dull and even smaller. Avoid wearing your diamond jewelry during heavy or laborious activities, because although diamonds are the strongest substances they can be chipped, or the jewelry holding the diamonds can be damaged. Also, diamonds can be scratched by other diamonds, try to avoid having them jumbled up together in a jewelry box – keeping them neat will help. Here are a few tips on keeping your diamond jewelry clean.

Professional Cleaning
Every six months take your ring to an established jeweler and have your ring cleaned and polished. When you have a professional jeweler do this they will inspect your diamond and the mounting to ensure that it has not been chipped, knocked loose, or in danger of the two.

Reminder: Fred Meyer Jewelers / Littman Jewelers will clean and inspect your jewelry for FREE.

Mild Liquid Detergent Soak
Get a small bowl or cup and fill it with warm water and a small amount of mild liquid detergent. With the sudsy water ready, soak your jewelry for about hour, this will break up any dirt and grime on your jewelry. When it is done soaking, take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub your jewelry. After, rinse your jewelry under warm water. Dry with a soft cloth, free of lint. Remember; plug the drain before you begin to ensure your jewelry does not fall down the drain.

Tip: Use an old tea strainer that closes, to use when rinsing. This will be very helpful with small pieces or earrings and will also help keep the slippery jewelry from falling.

Household Ammonia Wash
Place your jewelry in a small bowl or cup that contains a half-and-half mixture of ammonia and cold water. Soak for thirty minutes. Take out and gently brush the mounting with a small soft brush. Wash the jewelry in the mixture for a second time, rinse off with cold water and air-dry on a paper towel. Remember to plug the drain before you begin, you wouldn't want your jewelry to fall down the drain.

* Please note: an ammonia wash should never be use on emeralds, opals and pearls. The use of ammonia on these types of products can be harmful to any finishes/treatments applied to these gemstones.

Jewelry Cleaners
Any brand name, liquid jewelry cleaner will do. Follow the instruction given on the label. Consult Fred Meyer Jewelers / Littman Jewelers for brand names or to purchase jewelry cleaner and polishing cloths.

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