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January's Birthstone | Garnet


Garnet - this wine-colored stone looks stunning in a silver, white gold, or yellow gold setting.

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February's Birthstone | Amethyst


Turn your outfit into a look with Amethyst jewelry.

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March's Birthstone | Aquamarine


Derived from the Latin words for water and sea, Aquamarine is elegant and sparkling clean.

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April's Birthstone | Diamond


Beloved for their brilliance and fire, Diamonds are an unforgettable gift for any occasion.

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May's Birthstone | Emerald


Add a pop of clover green to your outfit with Emerald jewelry.

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June's Birthstone | Pearl


Pearls add elegance and sophistication to every outfit.

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July's Birthstone | Ruby


Rubies are a symbol of passion. They arouse the senses and inspire the imagination. This cherry red gem looks striking with a little black dress.

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August's Birthstone | Peridot


Peridot - this vibrant, lemon-lime gemstone plays well with earthy tones.

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September's Birthstone | Sapphire


Sapphire - a royal blue hue will turn heads wherever you go.

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October's Birthstone | Opal


Opal - this iridescent gemstone flashes rainbow-like colors when admired from different angles.

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November's Birthstone | Citrine


Citrine gets its name from the French word for lemon. Energize your look with this vivacious gemstone.

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December's Birthstone | Blue Topaz


Blue Topaz is the most popular color of topaz. This icy blue stone is the perfect gift for a December birthday.

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