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About Us

Fred Meyer Jewelers Store

At Fred Meyer Jewelers, we know that jewelry is so much more than shining metal and glittering gems. It’s the confidence you feel when you wear it, the heads that turn when people see it, and the reward you give yourself because you earned it. That’s why we make sure all our highly trained and educated jewelry professionals know how to find you the right jewelry for you. If you visit us in person (we’d love to say hi!), you can always speak to one of our associates certified by the Diamond Council of America, and if you’re shopping online, our Education Page can help lead you to the exact right piece of jewelry to make your heart sing.

No matter what fits you best, we offer fine jewelry to make you radiate, from diamond bridal and engagement jewelry to brand name watches like Citizen, loose diamonds, fun and fashionable gemstone jewelry, and men’s and children’s jewelry, along with exclusive brands, collections, and pieces.

Of course, jewelry like this is something made to last a lifetime, so we also offer repair, cleaning, and inspection services to keep your purchase looking like new for years to come. To help make all of this easier, we offer our Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan and Watch Protection Plan, so that no matter what happens, you’re covered. We also offer payment plans so that everyone can sparkle, whether you want to pay now or over time.

Regardless of if you find us online or at one of our over 120 stores, we will always stand behind our products and promise that you will love both the jewelry and the way it looks on you. A new piece of jewelry should always brighten your day, and we take pride in brightening yours.

What We're Passionate About

Along with providing you with the best fine jewelry, we are passionate about giving back and improving the lives of others. Some of the organizations that we partner with include Jewelers for Children, CASA, the Humane Society of the United States, Breast Cancer Research, Make-A-Wish, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

As members of the Diamond Council of America and Jewelers of America, we at Fred Meyer Jewelers are committed to only sourcing and selling responsibly mined and produced jewelry. Know that for every gemstone and piece of jewelry in our stores, its sourcing and creation was held to our highest standards.

How We Got Here

Ever since we began in 1973, Fred Meyer Jewelers has been dedicated to serving you with expertise, integrity, and professionalism. Our original store opened in Albany, Oregon as a showroom where customers could purchase products from a catalog. Today we have 127 stores, located throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Alaska conveniently located inside Fred Meyer and Smith’s stores.

In 1998, we became a part of an even larger family when we were purchased by the Kroger Co., along with Fred Meyer. Not only is Kroger the country’s largest grocer and second largest retailer overall, but they have been named America’s most generous company by Forbes magazine for their charitable contributions on both a local and national level. We cannot be prouder to be a part of an organization that shares our same commitment to bettering the lives of the people in our communities.