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Popular Diamond Shapes

Cut Shape And Style

In the context of the 4 C's, cut refers to a diamond's proportions, symmetry and polish. However, cut can also be used to describe a diamond's shape and faceting style. The faceting style, or cut style, of a diamond is determined by the shapes of its facets, or polished surfaces, and the pattern in which the facets are arranged. The three most popular styles are brilliant cut, step cut and mixed cut. Brilliant cut consists of both kite-shaped and triangular facets arranged symmetrically in a radial pattern. Round brilliant is the most popular diamond shape with brilliant faceting. Step cut consists of trapezoid-shaped facets arranged parallel to one another. Emerald cut is the most popular diamond shape with step faceting. Mixed cut is a combination of both brilliant cut facets and step cut facets.

Round brilliant is the most popular diamond cut. This cut maximizes a diamond's brilliance and sparkle and produces high weight yield. Weight yield refers to the amount of weight a diamond retains during the cutting process. Emerald cuts and other square or rectangular shapes typically produce the highest weight yield. Any diamond shape that is not round brilliant is called a fancy shape or fancy cut. Popular fancy shapes include princess, marquise, heart, oval, pear and emerald cut.

Round Shaped Diamond


A traditional style, the most popular of all cuts. Stunning in earrings, rings and pendants, the cut of the round diamond brings out every color of the rainbow. View All »


The princess cut is square in shape. It is a classic style, very elegant. Very versatile, it can be worn as a solitaire, fashion pendant and more. View All »

Marquise Shaped Diamond


A stylish diamond with tradition. Looks especially exquisite in a solitaire setting. View All »

Heart Shaped Diamond


A fancy style, often used in pendants and is becoming more popular in engagement rings. The heart shape is very popular in solitaire pendants. View All »

Oval Shaped Diamond


An elegant diamond, becoming very popular as the centerpiece in rings. You can create a stunning pair of solitaire earrings with two oval diamonds. View All »

Emerald Shaped Diamond


This is a stunning, traditional style with an open cut that leaves room for lots of sparkle. Create a stunning engagement ring with an emerald cut center diamond. View All »