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We do.

Protect your jewelry
today and enjoy it
for a lifetime.


Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan

Jewelry is valuable, but when it represents deep emotions and cherished memories, it's priceless. That's why it's so important to keep your treasured pieces as flawless as the day you bought them.

Here's What's Covered

- A lifetime of care*

- Services needed due to normal wear and tear
(including parts and labor)

- Maintenance

*Coverage is limited to the price you paid for the jewelry. If the jewelry cannot be repaired, it will be replaced, or a gift card or cash settlement will be issued. Replacement is one of comparable type, quality and functionality as the original product, not to exceed original retail purchase price. Gift card or cash settlement will not exceed the original retail price plus sales tax. If the jewelry is replaced, or a gift card or cash settlement is issued, the plan is fulfilled. For lease-to-own arrangements, cash benefits apply to the lessor until you acquire ownership of the product.

See Terms and Conditions for complete details, including obligors, exclusions and limitations. In Texas, protection is provided by Federal Warranty Service Corporation.