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Pearl Jewelry Styles

There are so many ways to wear pearls.

With a little TLC, pearls will last a lifetime. To get the most out of your investment, it's important to choose a length that works best for you.


Length (IN)

Length (CM)


CollarCollar Length

12 — 13 in

30 — 33 cm

Collar length fits snugly against the throat—on the middle of the neck. It is the shortest length for a pearl necklace. Wearing three or more pearl strands is characteristic of the style, which is widely considered to be the most formal way to wear pearls. This length looks best with off-the-shoulder tops and dresses.

ChokerChoker Length

14 — 16 in

36 — 41 cm

Choker length pearl strands sit at the base of the neck, above the collarbone. This length works with virtually any neckline, which is probably why it's the most popular length for pearl necklaces.

PrincessPrincess Length

17 — 19 in

43 — 48 cm

The princess length is the most classic pearl strand. Princess length falls at the collarbone—on the upper-most area of the chest. Princess length is the second most popular length for pearl necklaces. Like the choker length, princess length pearls complement a variety of necklines.

MatineeMatinee Length

20 — 24 in

51 — 61 cm

Matinee length falls below the collarbone—at the center of the bust. Style this length with casual or business dress. Stylist's note: This length looks best with high necklines.

OperaOpera Length

30 — 36 in

76 — 91 cm

Opera length falls below the chest. Opera length pearl strands can be wrapped twice around the neck and worn as a two-strand choker, or knotted at the neckline for a vintage look. As its name implies, this length was traditionally worn with eveningwear on more formal occasions, but a long-stranded pearl necklace can easily become the focal point of casual outfits.

RopeRope Length

> 36 in

> 91 cm

Rope length is the longest length for a pearl necklace. This trendy way to wear pearls is also the most versatile. Loop them around to create double or triple strands, knot, twist or style with ribbon, brooches or pins.

Know Your Style Terminology

Bib necklace

A single necklace made up of multiple pearl strands of graduated lengths

Graduated pearls

A style of necklace featuring pearls that gradually increase in size from clasp to center

Pearl cluster

A grouping of pearls

Pearl lariat, or Y necklace

A long necklace resembling a lasso that often has no clasp and can be worn and tied in various ways

Pearl solitaire

A single pearl on a necklace chain

Pearl stud earring

A single pearl on an earring post


Multiple strands of pearls (typically freshwater) twisted together and held with a multi-strand clasp

Uniform pearls

A style of bracelet or necklace featuring pearls of uniform size

Tips for Buying Pearls Online:

Cut a piece of string the same length and wrap it around your neck. This will give you a general idea of where the strand will sit.

Purchase from a reputable jeweler with a comprehensive return policy. We offer easy returns.