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Responsible Jewelry Council

Fred Meyer Jewelers is pleased to offer our Customers the assurance that the jewelry they purchase is responsibly mined and produced. We are continuously working to fulfill our responsibility in this area by promoting responsible practices across the jewelry supply chain.

This commitment has led us to become certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council. This international non-profit organization seeks to advance responsible industry practices by certifying ethical, social, environmental, and management performance across the jewelry industry.

Although membership includes over 300 companies across the industry, only a handful have passed the rigorous certification process. Fred Meyer Jewelers was the sixth member to become certified and only the second retailer in the world.

As a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council we are working with groups from across the industry to promote responsible practices throughout the jewelry supply chain. By becoming certified Fred Meyer Jewelers is demonstrating its commitment to operate in a sustainable and responsible manner. For more information please visit


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