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Jewelry Guarantee

Fred Meyer Jewelers offers the same great guarantees online as well as in our 300+ retail stores nationwide. These guarantees are not part of the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly accept your return up to 60 days from date of purchase. Exchanges will be accepted up to 90 days from date of purchase. Watches may be returned/exchanged within 30 days if they have not been worn or sized. Purchases of pre-owned merchandise may not be returned/exchanged. Sales receipt must accompany this guarantee.

Lifetime Loss and Damage Guarantee

We will repair or replace any diamonds or gemstones* purchased from Fred Meyer Jewelers, free of charge, if they become chipped, broken or lost from the original mounting for purchases up to $50,000.

*Emeralds, Opals and Pearls are excluded.

To maintain your Lifetime Loss and Damage Guarantee you are required to bring your item (described on guarantee) to Fred Meyer Jewelers for inspection every six months. Upon completion of the inspection, our Associates will update the inspection record of your jewelry item. Our Associates will inform you of any maintenance repair work necessary due to normal wear to preserve the integrity of your jewelry. You are responsible to have all repairs completed by our representatives, at your expense**, to maintain your Lifetime Loss and Damage Guarantee. Your Lifetime Loss and Damage Guarantee does not cover theft, abuse or mysterious disappearance. Tampering, miss-treatment or non-Fred Meyer Jewelers modification/repair of your diamond or gemstone jewelry will nullify this guarantee.

**Unless covered by our optional Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan.

Mounting Guarantee

We will guarantee your mounting against defects in material craftsmanship for one year from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace your mounting if any defects are found.

Lifetime Diamond Trade In Privilege

The following pieces qualify for Trade In toward the purchase price of a new diamond jewelry item that is at least double the price you paid for your original purchase:

  • All diamond solitaire rings, solitaire pendants and stud/solitaire earrings
  • Diamond engagement rings including unity and 3-stone rings
  • Diamond bridal sets of two or three rings
  • Unmounted Diamonds
  • Diamond mountings
  • Ladies diamond anniversary bands
  • Ring wraps and guards
  • Men's diamond and gold or platinum bands
  • Diamond and gold or platinum tennis bracelets

The following are not eligible for Trade In: Precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry (with or without diamonds), merchandise from competitors, right hand rings, multi stone diamond fashion jewelry, and clearance jewelry items. To be eligible for the Trade In privilege, Jewelry Guarantee document and original sales receipt must be presented as confirmation of eligibility. You may only trade in one jewelry item for one jewelry item***.

***Diamond bridal sets of two or three may be traded for a single diamond engagement ring that is at least double the price you paid for your total original purchase.